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Child and Family Therapy

Image by Markus Spiske

& Community Therapy

Home and community focused parent-child therapy allows your child and family to receive support where and when you need it most. 


In-home sessions take place in your home, while community-based sessions take place at your favorite park, library, mall or grocery store.


I will work with you to ease difficulties that arise in your home and community by leveraging your relationship with your child and their ability to learn through play.

In-home and community based services available only in select areas. Prior to completing in-home family support services, families must be able to complete virtual intake sessions.

Virtual Therapy

Working from Home

Virtual parent-child sessions provide a space for you to process concerns with your child’s development, identify concrete goals to support your child, and increase your understanding of child development.


These sessions can be conducted with or without your child present:


Caregiver sessions allow you to receive personalized support for yourself and come away with concrete strategies for you to try outside of sessions.

Parent-child sessions allow opportunities for support and live-coaching through your daily routines and challenging moments.

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